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What is Reiki? 

The word “Reiki” comes from the Japanese words “rei” (universal) and “ki” (life energy). Reiki is a type of energy healing.  Energy healing targets the energy fields around the body and can help move or transmute stagnate energy in the body where there has been physical injury or possibly emotional pain. In time, these energy blocks can cause illness.

Emotional Benefits May Include: Foster peacefulness, calm the mind, promote focus, awareness, and mindfulness, evoke gratitude, encourage emotional release, ease tension, reduce stress, dissipate depression and anxiety, smooth worry and grief

Physical Benefits May Include: Slow heart rate, relax tight muscles, reduce aches and pains, fosters natural self-healing, decreases fatigue/ energizes the body

Check out the below articles about how Reiki is being researched and implemented into big name hospitals, like UCLA Health... and

 and John Hopkins... 

Hair Wash

Reiki & Crystal Hair Treatments 


Why combine reiki and crystals into a hair treatment? Why not?!


Crystals and essential oils have been used in healing and beauty rituals for hundreds of years.

Besides the benefits above, Reiki has also been known help stimulate hair growth.  

In many cultures world wide, hair has been treated as socially symbolic, and culturally and spiritually significant.  However, in the Western world, we often don't rush when making our hair appointments, trying to fit them in over the lunch break.

During a Reiki/ Crystal Hair Treatment, we will create a sacred space where you can take self-care and relaxation to a new level. Before the service, we will set an intention for our time as well as conduct a short grounding meditation. We may also pull angel cards to provide guidance and/or pick out a special crystal to help deepen the healing that occurs during a Reiki Hair Treatment. Through out the hair service, I will be conducting the Reiki session. During this time, we can talk about what you are experiencing, what you would like to release, and what you would like to bring into your life. By the end of the reiki crystal healing session and your hair appointment, you will feel renewed, refreshed, and- of course- beautiful. 

If you are interested in incorporating Reiki & Crystals into your appointment, having a crystal consultation or commissioning a special crystal hairpiece - EMAIL ME HERE! 

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