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Hi, I am Victoria!


My clients are beautiful- without my help. It is my job to help remind them of how stunning they are, to make the world see their beauty the way I do. And I, personally, want that feeling of beauty and wellbeing to stay with them for longer than the blowout.

An appointment with me is really about so much more than hair. It is a special time of self-care- it may be your rare moment to sit still, be seen, be heard, indulge. I offer a safe place, free of judgements, where you can be real and honest.


The conversations that I have had in my chair range from how handle marital problems, what is the meaning of life, crystals and energy healing - situations that my education did not prepare me for, but my heart has. And if talking is not what you need, I am here to hold space for you.


To my longstanding clients, I am a coach, therapist, energy healer, auntie. I honor the relationships and connections I share with them.

Please feel free to check out some of my clients transformations HERE.

I look forward to making magic with you!


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